Icopal Decra Roof App

Icopal Decra Roof App

Curious what your house looks like with Quadro by Icopal roof tiles?

You want a new roof, but do not know exactly what kind of tile would look best on your house.... Shall I pick Quadro or Decra roof tiles.... do I prefer a brick colour or graphite...? The free Icopal Decra picture app will give an answer to the question. Beside this, of course you can find all kinds of information about our products in the app: complete portfolio, technical data, video’s, reference pictures and so on...

Take a picture of any pitched roof that you like and in a very short time you can see what this same roof looks like with Icopal or Decra tiles on top of it.

How the app works

Step 1:
Take a picture of a roof or choose an existing picture on your device.
  Step 2:
Draw the shape(s) of the roof and fill in the dimensions. You can also finetune the shape.
Step 3:
Choose the type and colour of the Icopal or Decra tile that you want to see on the roof.

Step 4:
The result is there. You can share this by mail, Facebook and Twitter. Or you can ask for an offer. 

How to download the app

The free Icopal Decra app is available for iOS an Android. Click on one of the buttons below to download the app.

    Contact Icopal

    Find Local Support

    For all sales or technical questions, please contact:


    +32 4240 51 51


    Email: info.dgf.be@icopal.com

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