Galba by Icopal

Galby by Icopal rooftile

Galba by Icopal combines the incomparable light weight of the steel with the traditional aesthetics of the tiles. With 7 times less weight than the traditional tiles, Galba by Icopal can be installed on slopes with a minimal pitch of 21% (12°) until vertical. On the aesthetic side, a colour chart with 3 colours allows you to personalize your roof freely. Galba by Icopal comes with a package of comprehensive accessories.

Features and Benefits

  • Galba by Icopal features a 0.43mm steel core which increases strength while reducing weight.
  • Galba by Icopal tiles are easy and fast to install, thanks to the low weight (6,7 kg/m²) and the clever fixation.
  • Galba by Icopal offers weather protection from rainfall, hail, snow, ice and sun. And the tiles are storm proof.
  • Galba by Icopal tiles are very durable. Maintenance costs are minimal during the lifetime.
  • When correctly installed, Galba by Icopal carries a 30 year guarantee.
  • Galba by Icopal can be used on roofs with pitches as low as 12°.
  • Galba by Icopal is well fit for new build projects. But it can be installed directly over existing roofs as well.


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