Technical Information - Quadro Tile

Quadro by Icopal roof tiles have a core high quality galvanised steel, which is further protected with a multi-layered coating system.

This multi-layered construction provides exceptional durability and strength, resulting in a roof tile which is nevertheless very light in weight – for example, weighing approximately 85% less than concrete tiles. 



composition-top-coating Extra durable Qualicoat Class 2 coating top layer
composition-primer- Polyurethane primer
composition-galv-grey ZM250 g/m² steel
composition-steel-grey Polyurethane primer



Cut-edge-protection-Quadro-UK-MagnifiedProtection of Steel at Cut Edges

Two differing metals each with a different electric potential in direct physical contact with each other and an electrolyte (water) form a galvanic cell. Within this galvanic cell electrons from the zinc atoms which have a lower electric potential transfer themselves to the steel atoms which have a higher electric potential.

This charging of additional electrons to the steel atoms protects the steel from corrosion. Corrosion will only take place in any metal when electrons from a metal atom are lost into an electrolyte (water). Since the steel atoms are being charged with electrons corrosion will not take place.


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